Internet Security and Privacy

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With an increase usage of Internet-based online transactions, there
arose a danger to the privacy of internet users.
The information provided by the user for carrying out the online
transaction can be compromised by the dangerous internet threats,
developed by hackers and other software professional with cruel
intentions. So, to fight against such threats there are certain
solutions like privacy suite and privacy protector developed by
various security companies like the antivirus programs, Internet
security software, and other privacy program which blocks the harmful
applications from accessing the sensitive information.
Consumer privacy has achieved a greater significance in the area of
marketing. Now, you can take advantage of online shopping directly
from your home, no need to go anywhere. The concept of online banking
offers you the benefits like making online transactions such as
your utility bills, transferring money from one bank to another at a
distant location and many more. But for all this you have to provide
some of your valuable and important credentials such as your address,
phone numbers, e-mail address and credit card details.
For enjoying the online services, the consumers need to reveal their
personal information to a broad extent. The higher the level of
service the customer want, the more additional information they have
to provide for availing that service. The customer itself provides
such valuable information for making an internet-based online
transaction. The information entered is stored into the online
database maintained.
The organizations maintain a huge database of such information for
customers. The customers enter their personal information for gaining
access to the required service. The amount of personal information
that is entered depends on the level of service they require. Let us
take an example, for using the online banking service the customer
need to enter his or her personal information including the date of
birth, address, phone number, account number and an online password
the account. So, the customer can access his or her account for
online payments, and enjoy online shopping etc.
Various security companies promises to provide a free or even a paid
service for protecting the users privacy. They offer antivirus, anti-
spywares, anti-malwares, internet security softwares and other
solutions to fight against the online threat which are sometime the
privacy sweeper. They steal the privacy of the user and pass it on to
hacker who created it.
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