Internet explorer Locks up

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I have a problem with my PC that is now very annoying.

I can run the PC all day as normal running all my programs with no problems
but as soon as I connect to the internet my PC freezes after about 5 mins.
The mouse still works and when I click on something there is a two to three
minute delay before any response.
The only way I can post this is type it offline and then connect and send

Is this a virus hidden some where?
Has a browser hijacker taken over?

I have scanned with the following with no results:

Avast anti-virus
Spybot search and destroy
Microsoft anti-spyware

I have also looked in my hosts file and there is nothing in there

Any comments please


Re: Internet explorer Locks up

I would recommend for the virus scanner, using f-prot, avast, and/or

For the love of god, don't use the spybot/adaware combo.  I can't tell
you how many times i've seen both of them miss extremely obvious
things.  At least use BPS Spyware/Adware Remover and Spysweeper.  If
you're looking for a more permanent solution to spyware/adware, go here
and download the experts package...

If all of that fails, I recommend one of two things... reinstall IE, or
use a different browser like Netscape or Opera.

Re: Internet explorer Locks up

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Adaware and Spybot search & destroy are both very good products.

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If you're using BPS, no wonder your finding things Adaware and Spybot
don't, and shouldn't!


Regards, Dave Hodgins

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Re: Internet explorer Locks up

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about BPS Spyware & Adware Remover:

[ quot ]
false positives work as goad to purchase; company is
known adware distributor (1); exploits name
SpywareBlaster (1); Ad-aware rip-off (1, 2); Spybot S&D
rip-off (1, 2, 3); old version was same app as Real
AdWareRemoverGold, Spyware Nuker, & TZ Spyware
Adware Remover; new version uses "Spyware Cops" or
"Spy Striker" front end
[ /quot ]

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