Installing NIS 2006

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I have read lots of problems with NIS 2006 especially the installation but I
like the interface of NIS 2004 it has done it's job.  Currently I have NIS
2004 preinstalled from Dell on my 8400.
I purchased NIS 2006 and plan on doing the install today, is their any
suggestions, to accomplish prior to install that I should do. I have read
the instructions they have a preinstall Program that runs, no problem I can
do that. I have seen where others have chose to use the SymNRT method along
with the registry cleanup tool. Is that the more preferred method. Any
suggestions for a clean install greatly appreciated.


Re: Installing NIS 2006

Michael P. Bassler - 19.03.2006 16:35 :

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why did you purchase NIS even after you read lots of problems
experienced people reported? There would have been so many other AV
programs mentioned normally without all the trouble. Kaspersky,
BitDefender, AVG and and and. Even some are freeware.

I wish you that you will don't have all these probs especially with
installing, deinstalling, updates, incompatibilities with other
programs, malfunctions, false alerts, services and and and ... endless.

My suggestion if you really want to install NIS: If possible use an
image program (Acronis TrueImage for example) and create an
disk-/partition-image before installation so you can go back if
something goes wrong.

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Re: Installing NIS 2006

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but I
I can

I doubt that there is much difference between NIS 2004 & 2006 except for
the ever increasing layers of complexity Symantec employs to make sure
that you REALLY are a registered user. Live Reg for instance!

I used NAV (plus a lot of other AV programs) from 1995 until about 2
years ago. As far as I know, Norton Antivirus components are regularly
updated to keep older versions of the program functional with the latest

I ran NAV 2000 then NAV 2002 for a long time, buying annual
subscriptions as required. Upon examination of the older NAV files with
later versions, I found that all essential ones were updated.

You have 30 days to get a refund. I would run not walk back to where you
bought NIS 2006 and try to get your money back.

There are a lot better solutions available, some of them are even free.


Re: Installing NIS 2006

It's hard to tell what your experience will be.  I've had it load
flawlessly on the majority of systems--updated it without removing
anything, so all the settings remained intact.  (I'd recommend trying
this first.)

But one system was particularly troublesome and required some
finagling.  I still think it's easy to configure for most novices and
most of the time Symantec posts fixes in a relatively timely manner.

I'd have no problem returning it and using another product if I
couldn't get it to load, however.  McAfee and others make solid
products, too.


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