"Inheritest the Lions Den" ?? spammed website, suspect javascript

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Spammed at me, definite social engineering here (curiosity factor)

Mr Quangle Wangle, grant us that?


I'm no js expert, all I know is how to spot it. Anyone here want to
tackle it?

URL "defanged". Don't go there unless you *know* what you are doing.

Just as an aside, I use http://web-sniffer.net/ to look at any suspect
website as a web-based "raw browser".  I'd love to see what those people
who make their URLs track IPs think when they see where it goes..

If the site's gone, email me for a text file saved of the contents.

Re: "Inheritest the Lions Den" ?? spammed website, suspect javascript

"nobody >" wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The script in the head element starts like this:

All that does is set the window.location to kecacbt.cn which is a fake
pills site. No malware involved as far as I can tell. The rest of the
page is just ad-click stuff.

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