inbox fills periodically w/duplicate emails

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Can anyone identify the virus or worm that will periodically send duplicate
emails to my inbox?  It seems to do no other harm that I can detect, but
it's troublesome to have to delete, from time to time, 20 or so emails that
duplicate those that I've already received.  In addition to identifying it,
I would be grateful for advice on how to get rid of it permanently, or be
referred to a website that offers a cure.


Re: inbox fills periodically w/duplicate emails

Rick Gould wrote:
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S'far as I know, no virus/worm will cause you to receive the same
(legitimate) emails more than once. This is probably a fault of either
your email client, an option in that client [1], or a malformed spam
mail sitting on your server. If it happens again, and if you have a
webmail interface, go there and look for a piece of mail with almost
no header.

Outlook Express has a bug that makes it hang if it finds one of these.
Documented on my newsgroups. These malformed mails do not
affect Thunderbird.

[1] Leave a copy of the mail on the server.

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: inbox fills periodically w/duplicate emails

What if i hav somthing lik tht on tb?

Re: inbox fills periodically w/duplicate emails

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If all the e-mails don't download from the server, they all get sent
again next time you try to download them--adding duplicates to what
has been downloaded so far. Use Mailwasher to see what e-mails are on
the sever. Sometimes it is because one of them is too large to
download (if using dial-up) before timing out. Sometimes it's a
corrupted e-mail. Mailwasher will let you delete any you consider
disposable, to let the rest download.


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