IE-Spyad and MVPS Hosts file causing problems? Too much?

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Ever since I loaded IE-Spyad (in addition to the MVPS HOSTS files I've been
updating for several months, I've noticed that I start losing the ability
to right click on my mouse when running several apps at once.  It could
also be several IE windows open at the same time, too.  Even a left click
to open a program stops working and a ctrl-alt-delete brings up a blank
task manager.

I've also noticed that the start menu starts acting strange (missing
options) and then the system locks up.

As an aside, I thought I would mention that my task manager reflects
instances of IE running after I've closed the window (using 0 CPU).
A netstat -an command and TCPview indicate that the ports have been closed
for those IE processes.


When I close a window or two, the ability  to right click returns.  I've
run Ad-Aware, my AV program and Super-Anti-spyware and the system seems
clean.  I'm going to do a Spybot check soon.


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