I admit, I'm stupid.

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I have never used AOL before, so I decided to try it out to see what's
the big deal about the famous "@aol.com" mail address that so many
people are willing to endure dirty slow dial-up connection to keep it,
I'm REALLY REALLY surprised to find out, in hard way, that AOL
AUTOMATICALLY deletes my old mails after three days, what's hell is
that? I have dozens of e-mail accounts from around the world, but none
of them have ever made the decision for me about whether my mail should
or should not be deleted, in AOL, to keep my old mail, I have to
manually move my mail to an so called "Saved Mail" folder, shit, I have
lost several quite important mails because of my stupid curiosity about
AOL, AOHell, AOHell, no wonder so many people hate you, only you could
create feathers as stupid as that.

Re: I admit, I'm stupid.

On 20 Aug 2006 02:28:25 -0700, d12s34f56@gmail.com wrote:

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  Go to Settings ==> Preferences ==> Mail & set it to 7 days.
  Go to Settings ==> Preferences ==> Filing Cabinet ==> & set it
to retain read Email.


Re: I admit, I'm stupid.

AOL had it's day. Back when it was one of the few "graphical" interfaces to
the Internet. That was even before the widespread use of the "www" as we
know it today. Today, web browsers provide the "graphical" interface and
they are *free*. AOL is struggling to market itself as providing something
"extra" that you cannot get with simple ISPs alone. It does not.


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Re: I admit, I'm stupid.

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What he said.

The thing about the @AOL.COM email addresses is that many persons have  
them and have had them for many years.

Changing an email address when one has dozens or hundreds of contacts is a  
real PITA.  I know.  I went through it last year after nearly a decade of  

So it's not that @aol would be an attraction for new users.  It's that not  
changing it would be a means of retaining old users.

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Re: I admit, I'm stupid.

once u learned then ur nt a stupid anymore

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Re: I admit, I'm stupid.

Sometime on Mon, 21 Aug 2006 01:38:31 -0700, hemila2323 scribbled:

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As a generally English speaking newsgroup could you try that again please?

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