how to temporarily disable AVG?

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AVG sometimes gives a false alarm on some patches and keygenerators
and blocks any access to such files which means I can't even submit
them to an online virus checker.
Does anyone know of any easy way (apart from the hassle of booting to
safe mode) to temporarily disable AVG (so I'm able to copy such files
or submit them to anti-virus sites for inspection), for instance by
killing certain processes associated with AVG in the task manager?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek

Re: how to temporarily disable AVG?

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Nevermind.. I found the answer on the.. (you guessed it) AVG
forum. :-)

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Posted by: BIG AL 43 - Moderator (IP Logged)
Date: September 3, 2007 01:47PM

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Are you going to install some new software?....

First let me point out that this isn't recommended to disable your AVG
Free AV nor needed usually anymore, no matter what the software says.
We've installed everything from common programs to system drivers
without any trouble while still running AVG. The "disable your AV
software" is a carry-over from the old days where they would commonly
interrupt an install thinking it was suspicious, this has never
happened to us once with AVG.

To disable it though.. open the Control Center, double click the
Resident Shield and remove the checkmark next to the 'Turn on AVG
Resident Shield'. Don't forget to re-activate it when you are

With Win Vista.... open the Windows Start Menu.. navigate to the AVG
Control Center... right click and select "Run as Administrator"... you
may get asked for the admin password if your user account you are
preforming it from isn't the admin account and then make the change.

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