How to identify a spamer ?

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I use a software named "Xenu" to identify a provider from its URL but I
cannot identify him from his sole IP adress or rmail information.

Do you know a free sofwtare able to do that ?
From exmaple, to identify the host sending  this kind of spam by email ?

Info found in the mail details :
( [])

NB. The IP 86... gives only time out and the sender has changed his email
(From) to reflect mine via a routing to

Could someone give me some hints to try intercepting this guy and warn his
provider ?

I am not sure that this mail is associated to virus as Kasperky doesn't give
me any alert.

Thank you

Re: How to identify a spamer ?

On this special day, Thierry wrote : is a place to enter the IP number

Quoted text here. Click to load it does the above, but automated, and
contacts a lot more of these WHOIS services, not only RIPE.

Use the output, especially the option "get abuse info" (which retrieves
information from It doesn't always help, but makes it a
bit easier.

BTW: We Germans call Wanadoo "Spamadoo". Guess why...

Gabriele Neukam

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