How do I disable AVG?

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I'm trying to instal a new printer but the software says I must disable any
antivirus programme first.
I've searched every page on AVG but nothing tells me how I turn it off!
Surely it's not rocket science to supply this simple info?
Can anyone tell me the simple way of turning it off?
Many thanks, Chrisssss..........

Re: How do I disable AVG?

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I was going to say : rt click the icon, then select "quit avg control
center", but I did that and then looked in Task manager, and saw 3 remaining
avg components in there. you could just turn these off in TM. Also, you
could remove the startup entry, then reboot. This will be interesting to

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Re: How do I disable AVG?

Chrisssssss......... wrote:
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i would ignore instructions to disable your anti-virus program...

should you have to lower your security because a printer company can't
be arsed to write reasonable printer driver software? no... it probably
won't be a problem anyways...

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