How can I CLOSE anti-virus program

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Running: AVG Anti-virus 7.1.362 / 267.13.3/173

The problem I'm having with AVG is the same I had with Norton Anti-Virus --
program is closed -- no auto scan set-up, control centers closed, icons
closed.... and out of the wild blue while I'm downloading a giant program
that may take 20 mins. suddendly the anti-virus program comes on slowing
down the computer and sometime messin' up the download.

Is there any way of turning the anti-virus programs off and keeping them
off, short of unstalling them?


Re: How can I CLOSE anti-virus program

Did you check Task Manager if program is really closed?

Re: How can I CLOSE anti-virus program

Jim Lacko wrote:

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As Peter suggested, try the three-fingered salute (CTRL+ALT+DEL). When you close
AVG, you are probably just closing the GUI (window), but the program itself is
still running. It's been a while since I've used AVG.

Try AutoRuns:
  ( )
You can use it to see what is autostarting, and then delete or toggle the
autostart of the appropriate application.

You can also try msconfig:
    ( )

Ron :-)

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