Hotbar Uninstaller / NOD 32

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Win XPPro

Got a positive from a Hotbar Uninstaller file which came via this
months MS Update probably via the malicious software removal element.

This uninstaller was picked up by NOD 32 as malware, it had been
copied to the folder of my Your Uninstaller 2004 app.

Cleaned it out OK (from several machines) bugger. Thats not the
problem though.

I know the offending uninstaller file turned up in the latest MS
Critical Updates and I am assuming specifically via the Malicious
Software Removal Tool which has done some very annoying things to my
PCs in the past. Apart from the latest minor irritation a few months
back it decided to "remove" all my remote access software because it
was dangerous causing me unbelievable hassle having to re-install it
all and set it all up again across my network. Now I do critical
updates on one PC at a time and I have to disable the exe files of my
remote access software during the updates, very laborious.

Does anybody know how to convince Windows that the Malicious Software
Removal Tool has been run without actually running it or preferably to
prevent it being queued for download and install via Windows Updates
in the first place, I would love to know then I can go back to auto

Any info much appreciated



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