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Dear all,

I have a question about heuristics that I hope someone could help me

Imagine a general heuristic problem. In general, as one increases the
number of variables that need to be optimized, the number of local
optima in this optimization surface increases. Although this seems to
make sense intuitively, I'm looking for papers/books/people addressing
this issue. In particular, I'd like to know if this increase in the
number of local optima is a general phenomenon in optimization

I'd appreciate any input you might have.

Please send responses to my email: jas2339@yahoo.com

Thanks a lot!


Re: heuristics

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Newsgroups are public forums. Most responders will post messages to the
newsgroup to publicly share information with potentially everyone with
access to the internet rather than e-mailing just to you.

That said, there is another similar newsgroup: alt.comp.virus where you
might find additional readers.

Also, have you done any web searches for this kind of information?

Good luck...


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