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I hope someone can offer me some advice.

I keep getting "your email cannot be delivered" type emails.

I first thought this was some kind of spam but looking further the emails do
seem to be coming from my domain name but have junk at the start. For

All the bits before the @ are different.

I then thought there was some kind of virus on my pc sending out junk email
so did scans with virus scanning software and Adaware type software. But
nothing found.

Also I was away last week so the PC was not on but the return emails were
still coming in.

So does this mean someone has hijacked the domain name or what??

Not sure what to do (if anything can be) to cure this.

Help appreciated



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Nope, some other hijacked PC(s) somewhere on the planet is/are sending
spam with faked 'from' domain and imaginary email addresses on that
domain. Receiving mail servers are pretty stupid about when/where they
send bounces to - I wish they'd wise up.

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Nothing. You can put the emails (i.e. the headers of what was sent, not
the headers of the returned bounces) through 'spamcop' and figure out
where they really were sent from, and complain to the originating ISP,
but most won't do anything to fix it any time soon. You are best off
just setting up email filters to trashcan anything like that arriving at
your PC.

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