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My laptop suddenly cannot play any sound from mp3 and rmvb files.
All hardware are normal.
However, I can still use skype to talk and listen.
I also found that it became very slow and unstable.
The computer is easliy down.
I used my antivirus software to scan, but didn't find anything.
I wonder if the antivirus software has been infected, too.
Could anyone please help me?
Thank you very much.

Re: no sound

Hi mate  Dunno if this ll help.But i used to lose sound on me laptop due to
a virus in my system volume folder.Might be worth check if this folder is
being scanned when u do a virus scan.As i found with norton by default it
for some reason puts this folder into a exclusion state.Where by it dosent
scan this folder when u do a full pc scan.It also might be worth looking for
a new driver for your sound card or reinstalling the old one.Hope this
helps.Regards Mat
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Re: no sound

HI Mat,
Thanks a lot. I use noton antivirus. Maybe it is the reason you
mentioned that it didn't scan the system volume folder. I will try that
tonight. Do you suggest me go to the laptop company's website and
download the driver for sound card?
Thanks a lot!

Re: no sound

Yeah or might have it
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Re: Help: no sound wrote:
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Before upgrading the driver, I would try checking your
system with other AV programs.  Also, one loose programs
from safe mode as you'll get more folders and files scanned
that way.

BitDefender has a free version.  You could also try Avast --
they also have a free version.


Re: Help: no sound

Thanks a lot! I don't know why but my laptop can play sound again. It
is really strange.

Re: Help: no sound

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I have an IBM laptop.  It has three mute controls - a button
on the laptop, the volume control panel, and the mute control
in Windows Media Player.

It's really easy to not have one of these enabled.


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