help! My Trend AV is using 460MB after deleting old pattern files

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My old laptop has had several versions of Trend AV software on it over
4 years .  I think I've cleaned house, but right now it's up to 450MB
with all old pattern files deleted.  The spec sheet says "300MB needed
for installation" which would suggest that the base product needs
something above 100MB to operate as long as the old pattern files
(50MB each) are deleted.

\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security\ is now ~1,300 files and
460MB with all but the current pattern file.

What is using the extra 350MB?  The laptop has never had a virus
infection that would fill up quarantine folders. Those folders and the
TEMP folders are empty, anyway.  

I've eyeballed the file structure and there are no old/second copies
of Trend installed.

A search for all large files show no needless copies of pattern files.

This is Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 on a XP/Pro laptop.

Any suggestions?

Al Dykes
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Re: help! My Trend AV is using 460MB after deleting old pattern files

Al Dykes wrote:
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The extra 350MB are probably old files. Uninstall the program, get rid
of all traces of it, and reinstall. That should take a lot less space.
(But 300MB for a clean install? That's too much IMO. AVG takes 46.6MB.)

wolf k.

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