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Please forgive the crosspost

I have Norton Internet Security Suite 2004 and Norton is having a lot of
trouble renewing my subscription so I would like to uninstall Norton
Anti-virus (or the whole thing if necessary).  How can I do it?  When I go
to XP's add/remove programs and click uninstall a box comes up asking if I
want to reinstall or modify Norton.  Given those choices I selected modify
and it only lets me set parental control etc. and says nothing about
uninstall.  There is no uninstall program listed in the Norton folder.  I
even tried to do it in the safe mode and when I click uninstall in the
add/remove programs section I get an error message that says Norton has
detected that I am in the safe mode and I should reboot the normal way  and
try again there.  It's precisely the kind of stuff that makes me want to get
rid of them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks... Bob

Re: Help ASAP PLease - Uninstall Norton

Jim Merkner explained :
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Maybe this can help?

Fred Wening (NL)
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