hard drive fills up

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I noticed that my hard disk was getting full without any downloads of any
major installations.

In the windows\temp folder I found 1897 files that took up about 25 gig in
total.  these files were named Acr####.tmp with #### being a hexadecimal

I also noticed some files called perfib_perfdata### in that directory.  Does
anyone know if these have been placed by a virus or just some application
gone wrong?

I use AVG as my virus scanner.

Any assistance appreciated.


Re: hard drive fills up

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Have you been using Acrobat as a reader??  That puts large files with
that "Acr1234.tmp" sort of thing in the Temp folder.

As for Perflib, etc.  I have 2 files in there and they have been there
since Day 1.  No virus involved.

Clean out your Temp and TIF folders every day as a matter of good
housekeeping......along with Disk Cleanup and Defrag at least once a
week.  That is just a few housekeeping items......there are more.  Sun
Java, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

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Re: hard drive fills up

Heather wrote:
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Take a look at CCleaner (or....crap cleaner).  It is free
and it is quite efficient at getting rid of this stuff and
at letting you choose what to keep and what it should
consider "crap".


Re: hard drive fills up


I found that these files were the result of the index service that I had
enabled a few weeks ago.

I am going through the process of disabling the index services that I have
on the system to stop this.


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