Good-bye McAfee, hello ... ???

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I am currently using McAfee Internet Security Suite 6. I am thoroughly
unhappy with the product, and am wondering what the best alternative
available is.

My main problem with McAfee was the drain that it puts on my system,
and its apparent inability to remember my settings after updating its
various services. I've tried to work through these issues with their
tech people, but that is even more frustrating and another reason I
want to move away from their product.

I have a relatively simple setup - 2 cps (XP Pro) on a home network
that I'd like to protect. The key features for me are: anti-virus,
spyware, parental controls (I have two young kids I need to protect as
much as possible from the 'evil' that lurks on the net), effective

Am I better of buying "best in class" software for each category, or is
there one bundled solution out there that will work for me?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Good-bye McAfee, hello ... ???

On 26 Aug 2005 11:57:09 -0700 Chris wrote:


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I'm not in favor of "suites" in general, they tend to be resource
hogs.  That said...

Anti-virus:  Avast!, <

Spyware: AdAware, <
supplemented by Spybot Search and Destroy,
< and a-squared,
< .  Download, install,
UPDATE, and run these.  If you're running Win2K or later, I've heard
good things about Microsoft Anti-Spyware.

Parental controls:  No idea except Control Panel > Internet Options >
"Content" tab.  I suppose you could buy Net Nanny or something like
that but I've heard that they don't work all that well.  IMO
supervision of the kids computer usage works better and they will
learn more.

Software firewall:  Zonealarm,
nload.jsp> or Kerio, < .

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Buy?  All of the stuff listed above, except something like Net Nanny,
is free for personal use.  You've had experience with bundled
software and don't seem to like it.  Norton is no better and seems to
be a PITA.
Ernie B.

Communication:  The art of moving an idea from one mind to another,
hopefully without distortion.

Re: Good-bye McAfee, hello ... ???

baresch_REMOVE_@att._THIS_net says...
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If you're willing to purchase something, I'd choose NOD32 over


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