Glitch with Avast and newsgroup scanning

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     I've encountered a glitch with Avast 4.6 Home Edition (4.6.623)
regarding newsgroup scanning, and would like to mention it here and see if
anyone has any ideas how to fix it.

     My computer has a P4 Pentium processor, Windows XP Home SP2, 1GB of
RAM.  I use a DSL modem to connect to the Internet.  Outlook Express 6 SP2
is my email and newsgroup program.

     Avast 4.6 Home Edition has the option to scan newsgroups messages
(NNTP), inbound and outbound.  However, when I turned that feature on, I
started to get this error message when downloading new newsgroup
messages..."Outlook Express was unable to switch to the newsgroup
'fuse.discuss.zoomtown' on the server ''.  And underneath it
says....."503 Program Error or Time Out."  This error message happened when
I visited several newsgroups, not just the one listed here.

     I didn't get that message all the time, but often enough that I
contacted my ISP.  Their techs had never heard of that error message before,
but suggested it may be related to that fact that Avast was scanning
newsgroups.  So, I turned off that feature, and sure enough, the error
message did not reappear.

     I emailed Avast tech support about this glitch, and was told to tinker
with the server timeout for my newsgroup account (found on the Advanced
tab).  I changed it from 1 to 2 minutes, but the error message reappeared.

     Any other suggestions?   For the record, I have 3 processes running:
Internet Mail, Network Shield and Standard Shield.

Re: Glitch with Avast and newsgroup scanning

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        Just to be clear, I got the error message after I turned on NNTP
scanning again.  When that feature is turned off, the error message does not

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