Free AVG is not going away!!

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(From Kim Komando's Saturday Newsletter)

I've been getting a lot of e-mail from readers concerning AVG's
antivirus program. They're saying that the program will be
discontinued in January.

Well, it is true that Grisoft will be discontinuing AVG Free 7.1 on
Jan. 15. But that's nothing to worry about. Grisoft has replaced it
with AVG Free 7.5. An upgrade! You can go ahead and download it now.
Within the next couple of weeks, 7.1 users will get a dialog box
enabling them to upgrade to 7.5.

Sorry, I just want to know all your business.
Nosey Nanci

Re: Free AVG is not going away!!

what's the point, avg compared to antivir has a terrible scanning
capabilities. Just use Antivir, its smaller more light weight, free and
better scanning

Visit for more details on scanning

Re: Free AVG is not going away!! says...
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Dont forget the nag screen too !

Re: Free AVG is not going away!!


 Personally I don't worry too much if AVG does not remain free

There are other software, and I also have the idea that cheap
software/low cost
are always better than free ones.

I would prefer to purchase an untivirus software, (one time) that saves
my PC, rather than test all the free ones to find a good one.


bassbag wrote:
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Re: Free AVG is not going away!!

lashley wrote:
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What do you mean "Iwould", why are you waiting, why not do it
NOW ???

Re: Free AVG is not going away!!

Version 7.5's functionality takes over on January 15
Version 7.1's functions will continue to work until then.

New features of version 7.5 free:

1. Resident shield will become unavailable
2. Automatic updates will not function
3. Scheduled scans will not function

You can only use AVG 7.5 free to manually scan

To check this out try a fresh install of 7.5 free

Re: Free AVG is not going away!!

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Where are you "obtaining" your info ?

Scheduling options in the AVG Free Edition are very limited
(only one scheduled update per day, one scheduled scan per day etc.)

What you get with AVG Anti-Virus Free
 Easy to use
 Regular and automatic virus database updates
 Realtime protection of files and e-mails
 Scheduled and manual testing
Improved virus detection based on better heuristics
 and NTFS data streams scanning
Smaller installation and update files
Improved user interface
Windows Vista ready

What you do not get
 Anti-Spyware  Available only with commercial versions
 24/7 Technical Support
 High-speed updates
 Multiple languages
 Detailed settings
 Consent for commercial use

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