Free antivirus protection??

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I just gave my daughter an older PC that I wasn't using and it doesn't have
an anti-virus program installed!  I use Norton and I like it, but my
daughter's Christmas budget is depleted and so is mine, so I'm wondering
about free anti-virus programs, do they work well?  I would like to at least
have automatic updates, so my daughter wouldn't have to manually update the
latest definitions from a web site ('cause I know she wouldn't do this)!
I'm considering AVG, any opinions on this product or any others I should
consider?  Or, opinions in general about free virus software?

Thanks all!

Merry Christmas,

Re: Free antivirus protection?? P.S.

There's two teenagers in the house (my grandkids) so it has to be robust, if
you know what I mean?  :-)

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Re: Free antivirus protection??


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Protection is primarily a matter of user knowledge and the practice of
"safe hex". Those who lack this should be using a top notch antivirus
product, IMO, not one of the free ones, and particularly not AVG.

The best scanners will bog down old slow PCs. It's not much of a gift
to give your kid a underpowered machine when new ones are
available for very little money. You can find brand new "low end"
machines which have considerable speed and resources which are
dirt cheap.


Re: Free antivirus protection??

itemyar wrote:
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Check out the free 12 month offer here:
Merry Christmas to you too.

Re: Free antivirus protection??

On Sat, 24 Dec 2005 08:19:19 -0600, optikl

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The F-Secure 6 month trial d/l was a disappointing experience. During
installation, it insisted on removing

1. Lavasoft AdAware
2. A alleged earlier version of F-Secure
3. Yahoo Toolbar.

I let it go ahead and "remove" AdAware. Strike one!
There was no earlier version of F-Secure. Strike two!
There was no installation of Yahoo Toolbar. Strike three
and it was OUT!

I did spend some time trying to humor the stupid thing along by
searching the registry and folders, and removing old remnants of
anything no longer on the machine. I tried reinstalling from scratch
three times. The worst of it was that Add/Remove programs had
the F-Secure installation _ being installed_  in it, of all things. So
you have to uninstall, try to clean out all remnants and try again.
But no way, no how.

Whatta piece of crap software! Things are really going downhill
anymore. A 56 meg d/l and it's just a big annoyance and a
waste of time.

It's particularly disappointing since F-Secure uses the Kaspersky
scan engine (among others), and it would be nice to be able to
recommend it.


Re: Free antivirus protection??

Art wrote:
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I agree with you. It's unfortunate that software is now being "sold by
the pound". Someone must think the more features, the better.

Re: Free antivirus protection??

| I agree with you. It's unfortunate that software is now being "sold by
| the pound". Someone must think the more features, the better.

The SuperSize-It mentality has taken hold.


Re: Free antivirus protection??

I am currently using Avast! and have found it to be excellent. It can be
set to automatic update which works unobtrusively in the background and
does not make excessive demands on system resources.



Re: Free antivirus protection??

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Anti Vir

     All free and all can be set to auto update (Anti Vir is a little more
complicated to set up for auto update).

     But for teenagers, I wouldn't depend on anti virus alone.   Get some
anti spyware apps as well.  Some of these have to be manually updated, I
believe.   And they must be run periodically (once a week). But even if you
have to do it yourself, you'll be glad you have these on the system when the
inevitible intervention becomes necessary.  P2P applications, File sharing
programs, music downloads, ring tones -- all that stuff that seems free to
unsuspecting computer novices is often suspect.  Here's a site that list
some programs containing spyware, malware, or worse that teens are usually
drawn to:

And here's one that lists rogue anti spyware apps:

Some good free anti spyware/malware applications:

Spybot Search & Destroy

Ad Aware /

A Squared (trojans and virus) /

MS anti Spyware Beta

A good education is the best deterent, but with a teenager, a computer, and
the Internet - eventual infestation is very likely.

Good luck.

Re: Free antivirus protection??

Thanks all, for your many suggestions!  The computer I gave my daughter
isn't ancient, it's got a 1.6 gig processor and it does have "Spy Sweeper"
installed on it, so it's not like I gave her a dinosaur!  I'll use AVG just
until I can put up the $40 for Norton.  I just don't want her to go on-line
for even a minute without protection, I repartitioned it just before I gave
it to her and within two weeks my granddaughter had turned it to toast!  I
swear, teenagers say yes to every pop-up that entices them.  I'm also going
to set up seperate profiles and limit their power, that'll fix'em!!  :-)  At
least until they figure out a way to hack their way out of that!

Re: Free antivirus protection??

itemyar wrote:

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Save the money and buy the kids a Christmas present. The free a-v
programs won't use up all the computer's resources. I like Avast myself.

   -Warning: I brake for lawn deer

Re: Free antivirus protection??

itemyar wrote:
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My daughter did the same thing with a Windows laptop I gave her. The
number of infestations by spyware and trojans totalled something over
130. Anyway, I found the solution in her case was to give her a laptop
with a much less exploitable OS. She has had no malware problems at all
since. You might want to consider that option yourself.

Re: Free antivirus protection?? AKA itemyar on 12/24/2005 in
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