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Is the winxp firewall adequate or is there a compelling reason to
install something like zonealarm. I run antivir and spybot teatime
Dave Cohen

Re: Firewall Question

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It's a subject of some debate.  One feature that xp's built in
firewall lacks that most others have is the ability to let you know
when an application is trying to access the internet, and prompt you
for approval.   Whether that's something you need is a question only
you can answer.

I'd start with making sure you have a hardware firewall out on the
perimeter though.  I'd hate to have to rely on a software based
solution under windows for protection from the onslaught of automated
network based attacks.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Firewall Question

Hi Dave,

    I have found there is a problem with Internet Explorer and using Teatime
protection. While I have Spybot installed, TeaTime is not protecting, but to
each their own. The Windows XP Firewall is adequate, it doesn't have bells
and whistles. It is either on or off.

    A McAfee Personal Firewall Plus has different levels of protection. And
/ but the Firewall one likes is usually one they grown used to. I like the
Controls out front. I am running Version 7.1.113. The newer McAfee Personal
Firewall, the controls are hidden thru menus.


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Re: Firewall Question says...
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Ypou can do a bit more with it than have it just on or off. You
can add specific exceptions for particular ports, for one

Its main drawback is that it monitors incoming traffic only.

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