FAQ: For newbies

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This FAQ was put together for the edification of new and "veteran"
contributors to this newsgroup. It is in no way an official FAQ and
because of this I am certain that all who read it will find it immensely
useful. Therefore in the interests of all who find usenet helpful I intend
to post this article once a week (provided I can find the time.) for the
duration. However, should you wish to make a contribution please feel free,
indeed you are cordially invited, to contribute to this thread.

Like all newsgroups this one is infested with Trolls, NetNannies, Oddities
HobGoblins, pedants, the downright demented and deeply paranoid. In the
light of the above I am sure you will agree with me when I suggest that any
comments, be they informative or advisory, on a course of action should
be given very careful consideration by the potential recipient *before*
acting upon the advice or information given. Consider this! Would you
knowingly take advice from an inebriated Village Idiot who has a demented
bee in his bonnet about this that and the next thing? Usenet is full to the
gunwales with cyber equivalents of those poor demented and intellectually
challenged misfortunates. (More to be pitied than anything else.)

*And this newsgroup has vastly more than its fair share!*

However there are also malignant forces at work in most if not nearly all
newsgroups. Each entity mentioned above, like trolls and such like, have
a following and although the Troll may well just be either medication free
or managed to avoid the attention the local Mental Health Team! The camp
followers and defenders on the other hand, to my mind, are the ones whose
utterances should be given even more very careful scrutiny! Some may be out
to do an injustice to whoever takes into consideration and acts on their
utterances. Malicious forces of darkness may be just a post away.

The wise course of action is to carefully consider the contribution of each
poster and do a google to see what they have said in the past
and what the response has been. In this way you may get some idea
as to the usefulness or otherwise of the contributions made in the past.
This course of action will also identify clones and sock puppets.
You may also be on your guard against unwittingly getting drawn into
some nuts hobby horse.

I will keep this contribution under review and take into consideration
comments and suggestions made.

My closing advice is be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the
Troll as a cunning dissembler, stalks all newsgroups seeking whom he
may take the piss out of: resist, be steadfast in the knowledge that there
are other courses of action than succumbing to his ways.

See you when the mood takes me again.
In the mean time get a life........get out more!

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