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Got stung by a fake av last night. It took a little work but I did get
rid of if. Wasn't alot of fun tho. I'm using Avira free and the built in
firewall on Windows xp Sp3. While Avira did find it, it found it after
it was here. Would a firewall such as Outpost, Comodo, etc have detected
it before it installed itself?

Re: Fake av's

cull@junk.com says...
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Are you running as a local Admin on the computer?

Did you have Avira fully updated, including the "Product" update?

Are you sure you removed it?

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Re: Fake av's

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Ah, the Achilles' heel of the signature based scanner method. All such
scanners will miss the 'new stuff' for a (hopefully short) period of

Or maybe you were unaware the everything has to be "here" in order for
it to be detected by AV running "here"?

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Are you sure it "installed itself"?

Re: Fake av's

FromTheRafters wrote:
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Nice velvet gloved rhetorical slap!

Re: Fake av's

The important thing to remember is that dozens of variations of fake av are
created daily. Hopefully your AV will do heuristics as well. If you are
using only
AV protection and are running as local  admin, just do the wipe and

If you are running vista/windows7 make sure you use UAC.

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