F-Secure hangs several things

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on the PC where I use F-Secure 2005, after a while, I cannot access  
Web-Pages any more.
After entering an address and pressing Return, simply nothing happens.

In the Windows Control-Panel, I cannot access the Panel for "Connections",  
or whatever it's called in the english version of Windows...the panel,  
where it shows all LAN- and IEEE1394-Connections of the computer.
When I want to open this panel, the window hangs up.

The same happens, when I go to Internet-Options inside the Internet  
In the moment I click on "Connections", the Tab, where you can specify  
which connection is default for Internet Access and so on, the window  
hangs up.

After stopping all processes of F-Secure by killing them in the  
Task-Manager (opened by Ctrl-Alt-Delete), everything works fine again.
The same, when I completely remove F-Secure from the computer.
After re-installing it, everything works fine as well, but after a while,  
all errors occur again.

I hope someone has had problems like these as well and could help me  
solving them.

Thank you,


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