F-Secure Does Not Remember Settings

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I bought and installed F-Secure A/V 2008 last September. It seems to be
working in that it has picked up viruses in spam emails.

It keeps popping up when I start programs and saying the program has been
changed, it may be a virus etc. and do I really want to run it. The
programs are all known and safe so I say 'yes' and 'remember this
setting'. Problem is it doesn't remember, so up pops the dialog next time

The F-Secure 'help' people have told me to remove AdAware and SpyBot as
they are clashing with F-Secure (apparently even when they are not
running). Frankly I am more inclined to ditch F-Secure.

Anybody come across this or have any suggestions?

Many thanks.

Jeff Gaines Damerham Hampshire UK
This is as bad as it can get, but don't bet on it

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