F-Prot question

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OS: Win98SE, 2.5GHz, 80Gb HD/40Gb free; 32K(?) dialup

I've used F-Prot since 1998 and it's caught several viruses for me.  But
suddenly I'm having trouble running the SpiderWizard card game and with bringing
up Mozilla's Firefox; both have different symptoms.

Spider: exhibits a 20 second delay before starting, but runs with no trouble
after that.

Firefox:  Often the first session FF will open sans Personal ToolBar, PrefBar
Toolbar and most buttons disabled.  During the same session but subsequent
openings will often show the Personal Toolbar, but ditto the other items.
A third opening and every thing is OK.

I've disabled all Extensions and find no change.  Created a test Profile and no

However, if I disable F-prot both SpiderWizard and Firefox run with no problems.

I've contacted F-prot help line with no cure, same with the Mozilla secure NGs.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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