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is there software effective at stopping the exploits used to install

Re: explabs.com

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There's many answers to this question but from my experience here's the
rules I generally use...

Firstly, One should keep up with exploits themselves and watch out for the
exploit(s) being actively used. One should never soley depend on
anti-malware or a countermeasure, because there will be always gaps in
their detection, especially that of which uses signatures.

Secondly, Users can generally be their own worse enemy, this is because many
of them assume that anything that looks legitamate is "Okay" and can be
accepted as such, thus defeating any sort of countermeasure that gives the
user the option wheather to execute code or not.

--Krad Xeron

Re: explabs.com

ed wrote:
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as i understand it, their technology is basically known-exploit scanning
so it would probably be as effective at stopping exploits as anti-virus
scanners are at stopping viruses...

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