ESET Smart Security at discount?

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Hello folks,

I was just wondering if anyone here is aware of a vender or supplier
offering ESET Smart Security licenses at a discount off the published
rates on the Eset website? Or maybe a special promo code that would
generate a discount? Their prices are pretty steep compared with other
solutions and virtually no one is selling the software on E-bay,
unlike the other brands, such as Panda or PC Tools Internet Security.

I downloaded the trial version of Smart Security and it works
wonderfully and does not bog down my resources.  So, after using
Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro,  Panda, and finally PC Tools,  this one
is a winner.  However, the price is not a winner.  So, that may be
there only thing preventing me from buying it.

My system has 1.5 GB of RAM and PC Tools virtually brought the system
to a half, it was the biggest resource hog of any of them I think.  It
may be a great product is you have like 4 gigs of Ram and a newer dual

Anyway, I hope to hear from someone soon regarding discounts.  Thanks
in advance for any leads!


Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

Chris wrote:

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Try here:


"Newspaper claims car thief transformed into a goat"

Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

On Sat, 31 Jan 2009 21:03:27 -0500, Chris wrote:

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I'd never lay all my eggs in one basket and steer away from Security
Ever considered utilizing good-quality freeware AV/A-S applications and
spend your hard earned dollars for a back-up/imaging program?

Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

On 01/31/2009 06:03 PM, Chris sent:
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$59.99USD for a /rental/ is fairly low as "all-in-one" solutions go.

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What exactly did it find and/or correct?

and does not bog down my resources.

Unless it solved a malware problem, that few others could, your
superlative is unfounded.  Yes - something that isn't a resource hog
/is/ very good.

So, after using
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Please qualify this further.

However, the price is not a winner.  So, that may be
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Hello Chris:

ESET's NOD32 /is/ well regarded by a few of us (but not all).  However,
most of the knowledgeable know not to put all their antimalware
investment in an "all-in-one" solution in hopes of finding an easy way.

Moreover, what you seek, in their individual forms, can be had for free,
or if chosen, life time updates for very little.

Try Googling the newsgroups for the individual antimalware solutions in
the half-dozen or so newsgroups that deal with this.  IMHO, your
scrutiny has just begun.

Still, congratulations on your ongoing awareness of Internet danger and
malware.  Warm regards to you,

1PW  @?6A62?FEH9:DE=6o2@=]4@> [r4o7t]

Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

Ok., I'll be honest here.  I don't claim to be a real techie.  I'm
never even attemped to configure a firewall.  ESET made it real easy.
Their automatic settings seemed to work.  No annoying pop-ups for
normal day to day browsing, etc.  It's been totally silent.  The only
way I know it's one is the little icon on the taskbar.  As far as the
cost, I would want a 2 year license for 2 PCs, and that would run me
$103.99 on ESET's site, which seems much higher than others, some of
which include licensing for 3 PCs with their regular price.

However, I'll admit I was a tad concerned when I installed the trial
software on an older 733 MHZ computer, which did not have virus
software on it updated since 6 months ago, failed to find any spyware,
malware, etc on it after a full manual scan.  However, the computer
still shows no signs of being infected.  I would think if ESET was not
good, I would have read more negative reviews about it.

When I installed PC Tools on my PC, it found a whole buch of adware,
spyware, and a couple trojan horses.  Seemed like it does its job
well.  However, the CPU was taxed heavily and also consuming a ton of

As far as the others, Panda was "ok", still consuming a decent amount
of ram and the firewall tempermental.  PC-Cillin, used to be great
until about 2007, when it went downhill big time.  Mcafee and Norton,
I have not used in awhile, due to much feedback on and
other customer review sites that it uses lots of resources and slows
the PC down.

I'm open to alternatives solutions, if anyone has them.

My first PC is running XP with 1.5 GBs of Ram and a 2.20 ghz
processor.  The other computer is running XP with 640 MB of RAM and a
733 MHZ processor.


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Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

On all our 3 Vista pcs here at home we use Avast Free Home Edition. daily automatic updates, scores high in
detection/cleaning tests and is totally free. Over 2 years with Avast
and no issues. It HAS stopped malware on occasion.

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Re: ESET Smart Security at discount?

On 02/01/2009 07:05 AM, Chris sent:
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I don't want to be the least bit disrespectful or cruel Chris.  It seems
if someone made an application that claimed to be a security suite and
remained perpetually quiet while putting an icon in the system tray, and
perhaps only put up a dialog box in two years that said you need to send
in more money, that would keep you content.  That same vendor would
spend some of their profits to make sure that their product got
favorable print in a few blogs or publications that claimed to have
their fingers on the pulse of the computer industry.

Again, I don't wish to make you feel insulted or disrespected at all!  I
would like you to re-evaluate your methodology.  You need not become a
techie.  You might need to become a more well informed consumer.

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Wouldn't it be very important, to you, that your antimalware vendor has
their folks working 24/7/365 on the latest infestations and that their
databases be pushed into your waiting PC as soon as they're available,
or at least made available several times per day if necessary?

When pitted against other vendors in their same category (say
antivirus), wouldn't it be good to know that one of the top AV vendors
achieves a detection rate that's three times better /and/ its "missed"
rate is one-tenth that of NOD32V2?  Wouldn't it be pleasing to know that
a couple of the best performing AV applications are available as
freeware and are upgradeable?  One in particular is not a resource hog.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your antimalware "rent" payment doesn't
come due again in two years, or ever?

Would it surprise you that your ESET product didn't make it to Consumer
Reports list of security suites if you rely on their judgment?  How
would it make you feel knowing that at least two dozen other products
are better at their antivirus tasks than yours?

The data is out there Chris.

1PW  @?6A62?FEH9:DE=6o2@=]4@> [r4o7t]

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