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There are some errors on your site we would like you to fix
them ASAP!!!

Some "free software"/ open source advocates are actively promoting
erroneous defintions of Freeware. Please help us conteract the spread
the kind of FUD found on this web page.

They are WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!

You maintain on your site
that: "Free software is a matter of freedom, not price." We regret to
inform you that you are WRONG!!!

A group of participants in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup maintain
that Freeware
is a matter of the cost you pay (monetary and non-monetary) to use the
software. Our definition of Freeware (narrow though it)is: "Freeware:
Legally obtainable
software that you may use at no cost, monetary or otherwise, for as
as you wish." is the pureist definition of Freeware that's out there.

Freeware may or may not be open source - the terms are not mutually
exclusive. The terms "free software" and Freeware are about two
different things, Both may (or may not) apply to a given software

Please use ACF's ware definition of Freeware on your web pages and/or
link to ACF's ware glossary which defines "wares" in terms of monetary
and non-monetary costs.

We in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup and are
on the frontlines of the Software Definition war. We in
alt.comp.freeware and set the standards by
which all "Official Ware Definitions" are decided. I am the group
leader of alt.comp.freeware newsgroup and and
I speak for all the members.

All comments and questions should be posted in the alt.comp.freeware

Re: Errors on the gnu web site


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An anonymous self-appointed "group leader" who speaks for _all_
members. LOL! Where do these kooks come from anyway?


Re: Errors on the gnu web site

ACF Member wrote:
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Since when does Open-Source = Freeware ????

Re: Errors on the gnu web site

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A Caban must be our new moderator

Re: Errors on the gnu web site

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OOOOPS I Meant ACF Member wrote

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