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I just received a fraudulent email, supposedly from '', inviting
me to view an e-card which contained the Win32:Zapchast-CR Trojan virus -
fortunately Avast detected it.

I'm just wondering - how do these morons obtain email addresses in the first
place? Have they hacked into Hallmark's database?

I never use my real address in newsgroups, nor when signing up for anything,
I use a Yahoo account in those cases.

Thanks very much for any replies.


Re: Email virus question

Craig Fox wrote:

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Yes, fortunately. And you hope the trojan wasn't actually installed.

Begs the question, do you click on every link someone or something sends
you?  :-)

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How do they obtain *your* address? Same as all the rest of the spammers.
They harvest it from .. a website guestbook you posted to; they make it
up; one of your friends has it in their address book and contracted a
worm which read the address book. The sources are endless. And no, they
didn't get it from "hallmark."

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See above about friends with worms and viruses. I do notice you are
using the munge of "" which is apparently owned by a Michael
Grossman of Herndon, Virginia. You are doing him a disservice by using
his domain (causing spam to be sent to it). Use "" or
"example.invalid" which will prevent spam being sent to a real person.

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Re: Email virus question

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Detected or not you wouldn't have opened it. Would you?

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Why would they need to hack a database? They can use any addresses
they want.

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I've used a real address on newsgroups for nearly 15 years. It's never
caused any problems.


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