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I very recently joined a reputable mailing list (ANCtoday) which sends
me daily news updates. I've been getting these for about a week now.
Today, I received what appears to be a regular SPAM email from their
mailing list email address. But I can't believe that it REALLY came
from their address/database/server. I'm thinking that what has happened
is that a virus on my computer has somehow checked the daily mails that
I receive, and has spoofed the SPAM email as if it came from the
mailing list. The email is given below - it arrived from their valid
email address, with the usual subject, and even has their regular
footer on it, but in between is the same old spam message I seem to get
hundreds of.

Does anyone know of a virus that would do this? I am pretty sure the
ANC mailing list hasn't been compromised, if so, then it's happened in
the last 7 days. Seems more likely that I have some sort of trojan on
my computer that is now emailing me SPAM as if it came from addresses
that I regularly receive mail from.

I have XP Pro with Norton AV & IS.

Any help much appreciated!

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anctoday mailing list

Re: Email checking Virus

On this special day, wrote:

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The only way to find out what really did happen, is analysing the header
of said mail. If you are using Outlook Express, please hit CTRL-3, and
copy the header lines here into a posting, so that we can decide, where
the mail really came from.

I don't think that viruses or ttrtojans send mails to exactly the
machine they are residing on, as this would cause their immediate
detection. The reason for this weird incident might as well be a messed
up mailbox whcih can't tell headers and body apart properly.

Read to learn how spamming

Gabriele Neukam

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