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Hi, I'm using this program in Aust on W98SE (yes I know it's out of date
but it seems (or seemed) solid).  I find that this product
"automatically" updates itself whenever I get on the net (dial-up).  At
least, it changes the "last updated" announcement and when I try a
manual update it always says "already updated" or somesuch.  This
updating seems to happen inivisably and instantly, whereas E-trusts Pest
Patrol spyware takes 35 minutes to update (said by someone on the
spyware ng to be due to my W98.  As a matter of interest I think it
would be much better manners to give an announcement box allowing the
option to update, and then a progress bar to visibly show progress, as
happns with most eg Microsoft downloads, but neither oif these products
does that.  Why such a difference in updating them, and do you guys
think from my explanation that the Anti-virus software does in fact
update at all.  BTW, I've read the almost universal negative comments
about Norton that I see here, but when I used that software, and
updated, I could see via progress bars the software updating and it took
typically 5 minutes (much more as expected, I feel).  Please reply if
you have any idea, and if W98 is so out of date, why the apparent
difference between the new products.

Finally, just a theory which I'm sure you'll kick around.  Since
installing AV software I've had no end of peculiar happenings that never
occurred before.  Methinks the whole thing might be a ploy, and that the
safest thing is never to be involcved with Anti virus software at all!

Just my two cents worth...

Re: E-trust antivirus

    Just go into Pest Patrol and eTrust and switch "Update" from automatic
to manual.  Thereafter just update when you feel it is necessary.  They
won't notify you of an update unless you ask, however.  Great programs.


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