Dynamic Vs. Static Internet Connections

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Until three years ago, I maintained a text-only internet connection
because I labored under the false assumption that the older, the
slower, the cheaper=the safer.  I had to give up my Hyperterminal when
I got a laptop, and a tech support rep at my machine's manufacturer
told me about software that allows hacking, hijacking, enslaving--you
name it--of computers with dial-up accounts by cookie-ing them, and
then knowing each time you log on and log off, and identifying  the
number of every connection.

I would like to read more (much much more) about how these dial-up
trackers work, but I don't know even the correct terminology.  If
anyone could point me to sites, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thank you.

Re: Dynamic Vs. Static Internet Connections

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I've never been bothered with virus problems. I use avast, keep system (xp)
completely updated and use a firewall. It's important to have a good backup
strategy. The most likely cause of data loss is inadvertent deletion
followed by hardware failure. In my case, if worst comes to worst I can
recover everything with virtually no loss of data.
It's perfectly proper to be aware of virus and spyware threats and to take
suitable precautions together with exercise of good judgement. However, we
can't let these threats get the better of us. In theory at least, dial-up
should be safer than a non-dynamic connection, but the trend these days is
to broadband. Verizon in my area offer a dsl connection that is no more
expensive than typical dial-up.
Lastly, I strongly believe these threats are more relevant to the corporate
environment where users may not even care but I can offer no proof for this
belief. Apologies for going on somewhat.
Dave Cohen

Re: Dynamic Vs. Static Internet Connections

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Cookies are not normally allowed to be accessed by other than the site placing
them. If cookies
are being used as the tech suggested then there may be a XSS vulnerability being


Other links at bottom should give you some terminology to use in searches.

Hope this is what you wanted.

Re: Dynamic Vs. Static Internet Connections

Jake Dodd wrote:
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Thanks, Jake (and also Dave).  Wikipedia always slips my mind.

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