DoubleClick.Net, GoogleAdServices?

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I'm playing around with a freebie network analyzer (Colasoft
Capsa Free).

Of course 99.99% of it's output is totally opaque to me at this

But one thing jumps out:  even with no browser or other
applications open, packets seem tb getting sent to

 PageAd.|,, and

I'd guess reams of stuff has already been written about this, but
I don't see anything that would explain why traffic is being sent
without a browser window open.


Re: DoubleClick.Net, GoogleAdServices?


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Just as a guess, so take it for what you've paid:

  One of the sleazy uses of botnets is for "click fraud".

To simplify a bit: every time you click onto, say, CNN,
you'll see two dozen adverts on your screen. Each of
those appearances is counted, and they each have to
pay CNN five cents (for illustration), every time their
ads are shown.

There are all sorts of other ways that payment per advert,
or per click, go back and forth and all around.

So there's lots of interest in gaming the system and
trying to slide money in one direction or another.

Fabricating extra clicks to adverts, which is what
may, emphasize may, be happening with your system
is one of the methods.

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Re: DoubleClick.Net, GoogleAdServices?

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Other programs.  Take a careful look at what starts and eliminate those
programs that you don't need.  Some such as Apple's applets can be nasty
because they keep reinstalling themselves every time Quicktime or iTunes are

Typical culprits are things like Bonjour, which announces your computer's
presence to the world and the fact that you have songs.  It allows other users
to play your songs without your knowledge.  Nasty.  

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