Does VirusTotal scan .apk (android) files?

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Do any of the AV programs on VT scan android apk files for malware?

VT seems to know what the file is and can tell you all sorts of things
about it (via the file-details tab) but I'm wondering if any of the
various AV programs themselves are geared up to scan android app files.

Re: Does VirusTotal scan .apk (android) files?

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Do you really need to ask ?
Seriously ?

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Re: Does VirusTotal scan .apk (android) files?

this is a legitimate question.  How is one supposed to know if McAfee, for example, is scanning an apk file for a windows virus or an android virus?  each vendor can add any functionality they desire.  some may or may not include android protection.

if he didn't need to ask, he wouldn't have taken the time to post.  Seriously.

Re: Does VirusTotal scan .apk (android) files? was thinking very hard :
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Legitimate for some I suppose, but "Virus Guy" is always trying to  
impress folks with his knowledge about "Viruses" and arguing against  
answers by actual malware researchers.

If an AV scanner is aware that a particular filetype represents an  
executable code container, it will scan for viruses that can be  
expected to infect that type of executable code. It would be silly to  
scan a PE executable for an ELF infection because an ELF infector  
wouldn't work under those circumstances and it would be a monumental  
waste of time. APK files are zipped files containing, among other  
things, a .dex file as an excutable it would be the .dex file that gets  
scanned for viral infection. As for other kinds of malware, other  
filetypes will also be scanned since infection isn't necessary for most  
other types of malware.

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