Does this sound like a virus?

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Hi all:  Recently I sent an email message to a friend and when he replied
there was an entry in the "cc" field of his response form that read
"".  I asked him why he had sent a copy of his
reply to Wells Fargo and he responded that he had not done so and had no
idea how that email address got into the "cc" field of his reply.  I ran a
complete scan of my system with Kaspersky, which I've been using with great
success for several years, and the results were completely negative.

Does the symptom described above sound like my system, or that of my friend,
is infected with some kind of virus, spy program, worm, etc?  Thanks for
your replies!

Re: Does this sound like a virus?

PE wrote:
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Did your original outgoing e-mail have that address in the header? If
not, the problem is on his end.

Re: Does this sound like a virus?

PE wrote:

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You got an e-mail with wellsfargo in the CC field.  The sender put it
there.  So you'll have to get the sender to figure out how wellsfargo
got into their CC field.

Send another test e-mail to your friend.  Have your friend *start* a
reply (don't send, just compose the reply).  Tell the friend to look in
the CC field in the new-mail compose window of their yet-to-be-
identified e-mail client.  Then look if the CC field has anything in it.
Have the friend make sure the CC field is blank before they click Send.
Then have them send their reply and you check if wellsfargo or anything
else is in the CC field.

You got ONE e-mail with an unexpected non-blank value in the CC field.
Can't tell with just one exhibit if the problem was the sender fat-
fingering the controls in their unidentified e-mail client, something
they setup on their end, or some weirdness in how your e-mail provider
or your e-mail client handle those replies.  Repeat the experiment.
Once is not enough to draw a conclusion.

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