Does Prevx ALWAYS max-out users' CPU usage?

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I downloaded and installed Prevx again this weekend, about a year
after trying it for the first time.  I had high hopes that this
program would work well after the 2nd installation.

I was wrong.

Just as occurred the first time around, immediately after installing
Prevx my computer's CPU zoomed to 100% and rarely went below that. As
I burn lots of DVD's -- which takes enough processing power itself --
my only recourse after several reboots (to see if the problem would
recur, which it did) I ultimately uninstaled Prevx and now my
computer's CPU usage is in reasonable range again.

I can't imagine that this program is SUPPOSED to overload the
processor to the extent that the user can hardly do anything else on
the computer while its running.

I wonder if Prevx conflicts with Comodo Personal Firewall?

Any other Prevx users/critics comments welcomed!

My computer's specs:

Compaq Presario
AMD Sempron 3500+
1.99 GHz
1.43 GB RAM
XP Home, Service Pack 2

Also running:

Avast antivirus
Comodo Personal Firewall
SuperAntiSpyware (paid user -- it finds tracking cookies but has never
found anything more serious, so I don't recommend it -- it's NOT
nearly as robust as the "Find's ALL the spyware, not just the easy
ones" hype would suggest)
A-Squared Anti-Malware
The Cleaner

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