Does Antivir reply?

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I just sent a file to Antivir that it had flagged up and I allowed it to
quarantine. I then got an email thanking me but saying they can't reply to
my call individually. Does that mean I won't hear from them whether it is a
genuine nasty? It said the file ( was an executable file with
a false ending, and was HEUR-DBLEXT/Worm.gen.

Strangely the file was in the Spybot recovery folder. I had a look in there,
and there is still a file called (amongst other files) which
wasn't flagged.

I don't want to unquarantine it so that I can send it elsewhere for testing
until I know if Antivir will respond or not.


Re: Does Antivir reply?

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I don't send anymore possible malware files to Avira ( in the past I send
some false positives to Antivir ).
There responce is misserable ( maybe they get to much files to analyze?? )
and I also don't like that.
I also send them some info about a possible bug, but I never got an answer.
I don't like there solution; older versions or versions of false positves I
didn't send to them are still treated as malware.
At this moment I have more than 20 false positives ( all detected as
Heuristic malware ) which I never would quarantine.
I have to deactivate!! Avira when I have to use this files ( crazy isn't
it? ) because I know they are not malware.
There heuristic engine ( in my case ) is a big troublemaker and I'm afraid
there comes a moment I don't activate Avira or whatever antivirus-software
anymore at startup.
I you are a software writer and your software is marked as a false positive
and you have bad luck you could spend more time with corresponding AV
companies then with your program.
But with some luck ;-) Vista makes an end to this problems because all your
great freeware programs don't work with Vista.

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