Disappointed in Panda Documentation and Email Tech Support

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I am getting a very non-specific message from my Panda Platinum 2005

A 3 x 5 window pops up  in the lower righthand corner of my screen. It
says "PANDA PLATINUM self-diagnosis". "RECOMMENDATION Check the
protection against unknown threats".

I contacted Panda about this and asked them to be more specific about
what I am supposed to check, and they wrote me back and asked for a
bunch of information like my PC Manufacturer, Processor, Peripherals,
Software Installed, etc.

It seems to me that a piece of Virus protection software should be able
to scan my computer and get all of the answers to the questions they
asked, without me needing to scan my own computer manually and type up
the information.  I have more than 100 software packages installed on
my computer.  Am I supposed to type Panda an Email enumerating all of
these packages and their versions?  I don't think so.

I am not a virus expert.  It is my understanding is that technically
Panda is quite a good package.  But they will need to improve their
documentation and email support of their package.

I also think Panda is not taking advantage of existing Microsoft
Utilities for producing the information they asked me for.  Under
programs like "Microsoft Word" there is a System Information
Utility.  This produces a huge XML file which describes the hardware
and software of the system in a complete way.  If  Panda really wants
complete information about a System they could (a) Have their Platinum
package access this information or (b) Ask users to produce this XML
File and email it to Panda.

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