Derma E - Clear Vein Creme, 2 oz cream

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I had used this product for about a year before giving up on it. It didn't help
at all with redness or capillaries. However I do use it after going to the
dermatologist for IPL treatments to have my capillaries removed. I became tired
of waiting for results, and decided to go get the treatments done
professionally. I use it for the calming properties it has. It helps soothe the
sting, and puffiness that sometimes results from IPL treatments. I'm using it
now while I still have product left. I'm sure there are products in the
drugstore that I can use for this purpose, so I won't be reordering this in the
future. If your broken capillary or redness is really bothering you like it did
me, don't waste time suffering, go get it removed by a professional if you can
afford to. It's money well spent, unlike this product.
I have been using it for 3 months in the morning and evening---every day! The
result---ZERO! Do not waste your money on this product.
It really works. Took about 6 mths for me and the veins around my nose are so
much better. I use way less makeup now to cover them up.  To make it work: use a
lot at night time-I glob it on and let it dry-it dries nicely. Then in the
mornings wash your face but not harshly where the veins are so as to not
aggravate them. Then apply a little bit and blend in before makeup.   Takes 6
mths and I didn't even use it every day. Its great for someone like me who is
too young to afford any surgery.
Simple: This product does not work.  I used it according to the directions and I
saw no results, not even a slight improvement.  I would not recommend this
This the one product that I CANNOT live without.  I have been using it for about
two months now and not only is my rosacea significantly less noticeable; I no
longer need to use the medications prescribed for me by the doctor.
Derma E® Clear Vein Creme contains Horse Chestnut (3%), Grape Skin Extract,
Witch Hazel and Pycnogenol® to help reduce appearance of spider veins,
capillary redness, disperse and bruises.


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