Deleting temp files before scan

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Just a suggestion for anyone working on anti-virus software.

An option to delete tempory files before scanning would be a big time

Re: Deleting temp files before scan

After much thought,Terry came up with this jewel:

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Running a program like CrapCleaner or BeClean would be just as easy.

Virus Removal Instructions /
Keeping Windows Clean
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Re: Deleting temp files before scan

On 7 Apr 2007 19:56:40 -0700, Terry wrote:

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Why not just use one of many programs available to do that before you do a
virus scan?  That's what I do.  Takes less than a minute with CCleaner.
There are several cleaner programs (free) that do a good job.

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Re: Deleting temp files before scan

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How would the AV program know that the temporary files weren't needed by
a program that is currently running but doesn't currently have an open
file handle on the temporary file(s)?  How would it know that they
wouldn't be needed after a reboot to complete a software installation?
What qualifies as a temporary file?  A .log file?  Some installations
use those to determine how to uninstall a product, so you deleting them
means you have no automatic mechanism for uninstalling the product and
you, oh joy, get to manually do the eradication.

So what prevents you from writing a batch file that gets added to Task
Scheduler to periodically remove the refuse from your system?  Why
aren't YOU doing the cleanup?  If you can't write batch files then
Windows lets you schedule the cleanup wizard.

What AV program do you use that doesn't let you specify excludes?
Sounds like you need to reevaluate your choice in an AV program.  Maybe
your complaint is against the freebie AV programs.  If none of the
freebies have the option(s) you want, maybe it is time to look at buying
one with more features.

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