create your spyware?????

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I can't beleive what I saw at this site that lets you create toolbars
and gives you the scripts to install without user notice!  Wow how do
these people get away with this?

Quoted from http://www.i 'd rather not
"We are often asked why we provide free services to
the publisher/content provider and to the end-user.
Is there a catch or hidden cost?

The answer is simple. There is NO catch or hidden cost!

Our service is completely free and we plan to maintain it as a free
service. EffectiveBrand's business model is based on commercial
partnerships that focus on search results. The search box in the
EffectiveBrand toolbar includes several powerful search options. You
can enter your search query in the box and then choose from a multitude
of search engines and other web resources provided by the content
provider, who created the toolbar, or from general resources such as
dictionaries etc. One of these resources, called "Search the Web",
provides web search results along with relevant "Sponsored Links"
(similar to the sponsored links that Google displays)" there was more
but I'm sure you get my drift.

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