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Hi I'm trying to make an informed decision as to which enterprise-
grade antivirus software is considered superior. Does anyone know of a
recent corporate antivirus software roundup or survey articles that
would help me? Any professional opinions are also welcome.

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Not really, but at my site we''ve had licences for Sophos and McAfee for
some years, and are now looking at dropping McAfee in favour of
Kaspersky. Partly because McAfee have upped the price by a factor of
about 4, and partly coz Kaspersky just looks better.
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Been using Symantec Corporate Edition for "Workstations and Servers"
since version 6, never had a virus on a machine in all those years,
while under our control.

The 10.1.5 version did cause a LOT of network issues for roaming
profiles, but it was fixed in 10.1.7.

The new product Symantec End Point Protection is a beast, I don't like
it, and it also had problems, but the current release is very stable.

You need to implement additional solutions - something to strip
attachments out of email before they reach your email server, blocking
downloads from the web based on file type, etc...

AV is not enough to keep your network clean.

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On respected website is: however you
need to pay to access some information :/

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