Computer shutdown during full scan of Kaspersky

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My computer runs XP Pro Sp2 fully patched, Kasersky Internet Security
6.0 with frequent updates.
P IV Laptop, 1 G Ram, 60 G HD.

Windows firewall of Security Center is off.

Things run just normally alive for more than a week. Strange thing
only occurs when I run full scan.

After around 10 - 30 minutes, randomly, after scanning ten of
thousands of files, the computer shut down.

So I am not sure whether the computer had finished the scanning.

I thought there might be some settings in Kaspersky to make the
computer shutdown after scanning, apparently there is not such

I just wonder whether this is a bug of Kaspersky, which has conflict
with some systems, causing unexpected shutdown, or, there might be
such virus that hide from Kaspersky real time scan, and beat the full

Can you give some things?


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