Comodo anti-virus?

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I've recently come across Comodo Anti-virus, and would welcome the opinions
of those in the know whether they would be happy to recommend it or whether
I should pass on it. I ask because I run a server at home which currently
has claimwin installed on it, but that doesn't provide an on-access scanner.


Re: Comodo anti-virus?

Brian Cryer wrote:
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I tried it and didn't like it.  When it scan it does not ask what to
do, it either quarantines  or deletes the file.

I like the option of checking the file first for a false positive
but I could find no option to allow me to do this.

Re: Comodo anti-virus?

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Another reason why I dumped it.  From what Comodo explained to me, the
file gets quarantined and then submitted (automatically or manually)
to get analyzed by them.  They decide whether or not to include it in
their whitelist.  That means there is a delay before that file is
okayed or ignored by their product.  I asked because of PUPs (Probably
Unwanted Programs), like Nirsoft's utilities, that many anti-virus
programs will alert on.  I know what these programs are and want them
but Comodo's AV doesn't give me a user-defined PUPs or whitelist to
have these files ignored.

I did trial Avast AntiVir but found its ignore list only lets the user
specify the path and filename to the file.  That's stupid.  Any
malware could slide in under the same path and usurp the same filename
(i.e., it could overwrite the file) but Avast would ignore that
now-infected file.  They do not save a hash of the file to ensure they
are ignoring THAT particular file that I specified, not another that
later overwrote it.  I could not get info from Comodo if their
whitelist is a hashed list or not.  Since they have no PUP or ignore
list, they obviously don't have to provide and record a hash for it
(which should also be encrypted to prevent malware from getting that
list and/or modifying the stored hash value).

I like the HIPS function in Comodo's AV product but it should firstly
be an AV program, not a HIPS program.  I don't trust their AV function
and I can get other HIPS programs.

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