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Re: cloud antivirus

Hi Quilljar,

Tuesday May 12 2009, Quilljar writes to

 > From:
 > It has installed with Avira and has been running OK with it
 > for a couple of days. The Panda support people said I should
 > get rid of Avira (they would wouldn't they?) but I am not

Of coarse they would. (A little lip service from Panda)

From A happy registered users of Avira Premium. :)

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Re: cloud antivirus

a.nony.mous@example.invalid says...
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When I last used Panda's on-line scanner they bombarded my in box with
spam. Thus I have called it Panda Droppings. The company refused to
honor their own opt out for the spam. But later after the Panda
Droppings were discussed in these newsgroups the spam suddenly stopped.

James E. Morrow
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Re: cloud antivirus


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Isn't Panda run by those Scientology nutjobs?
Michael Cecil / / /

Re: cloud antivirus

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I run ESET as my main AV and Avast as my backup AV.
Panda Clod wants me to delete both so their rubbish
can look up my arse.


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