Cheap TV Card Infects *ONLY* Lavasoft; Help!

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I purchased a Sabrent TV box from a very well-known computer off-price
website.  First time I did business there.  The reviews included
warnings that the item might destabilize Windows XP; and one guy had to
do a complete reinstall.

I thought I caught the problem in the registry.  For a while, XP seemed
untroubled.  But when I tried to update Lavasoft, I wasn't able to
connect to its server.  That sent flags up.  Whenever I launch
Lavasoft, the entire XP becomes destabilized (flickering mouse,
out-of-control highlighted text, etc.).

So I Uninstalled Lavasoft (after it gave me an "All Clear"),
re-installed it, and got one Critical File of 432 kilobytes.  I thought
quarantining it and deleting it would solve the problem.  It didn't.

Anyway, I need to know if there's anything I can do so I can REALLY get
this worm out of my system.

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