Chastened Apology and Revision for plugging F-Prot AV

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I have been saying for a while that I had been choosing between NOD 32
or F-Prot for my Network AV before buying lots of licenes for the
winner to put on the work network.

Had both running on my home network (separately of course) and
eventually as far as I could see that F-Prot had a simpler interface
and 5 x Computers per Subscription I decided on F-Prot.

However I then discovered that F-Prot was not scanning automatically
and when it did it not only threw up all sorts of false positives
(Newsbin Pro was one FFS), but it then deleted what it decided was a
virus / spyware app. The settings for "Prompt for Action" did not make
any difference, it would scan, delete all sorts of stuff and not ask
any questions. Also when it found a virus (in Firefox Cache) it would
not allow any access, would not clean it and would not offer any
options save running the DOS version. Most useful I thought at the

I wanted simple for the work domain but not that simple!

I originally got the tip on F-Prtot via PC -Pro Mag, should have known
better I suppose.

Anyway it is not necessarilly F-Prot that is no good it could just be
probs with my pooters which are all in dire need of a clean install,
but I wonder if anybody else has had similar problems with F-Prot?

I am still running it on a laptop (clean install of XP) to see if it
behaves any better.

I am now runnin NOD 32 on everything else and asked for a quote to
cover the work domain.


I knew that but I was attempting to get smarty points by saving the
boss some cash - DOH!

Re: Chastened Apology and Revision for plugging F-Prot AV

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Never seen the like.  You don't say what OS you are running, but I've
had F-Prot running on W2K workstations for well over a year.  Never had
a false positive, always been prompted, always been able to delete.

My 2 yen


Re: Chastened Apology and Revision for plugging F-Prot AV


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XP Pro SP2 on the home network & work domain, New XP Pro 2005 SP2 on
the Laptop..

Only had it on my home network never on the work domain thats still on
NAV until I get the NOD 32 licenses sorted.

Dunno about F-Prot, seems fine on the laptop but the "prompt for
action" feature on the home network just did not work, it deleted all
sorts of stuff without asking. I am not exactly a newbie and I went
through the settings many times, re-installed, all sorts to no avail.

I even deliberatly installed an image that I knew had a virus in
Firefox Cache (NOD 32 removed it fine) and tried F-Prot on it. No
disinfect - no options just "run the DOS scanner" and no access at all
to the file, well it did stop the infection but left me to dig it out
myself. Not ideal for work by any means.

I do think its my XP Pro, it has had various minor problems since SP2
arrived, You have largely confirmed my suspision that it is my XP not
F-Prot but having said that NOD 32 has no problems at all.

As for Newsbin Pro being flagged Spyware and getting deleted that is
bizzare, I re-installed to make sure it was F-Prot not finger trouble
and sure enough F-Prot scanned again and binned it again.

I discussed all this with F-Prot and they have no idea why I am having
trouble with the "prompt for action" option,  but they did acknowlege
certain legit files & apps were falslely deleted as spyware and they
were working on it. Would not give specifics though.

By comparison the LT has a brand new clean HDD + Clean SP2 install, it
works fine so far but as there is only XP, Office 2000,  Firefox &
Thunderbird on it at present it should be OK.

Anyway TBO I have better things to do at the mo than fiiddle with it
for days on end, I will do a re-install of XP soon and try it again
but I can't risk it on the work domain because its running a lot of
the same software as this network.

Thanks for the input Janus

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